Buds and Brothers with Evergreen Market

When your bud is also your brother

Dutchy makes every session better with buds, but what about when your bud is also your brother? We sat down to puff, puff, pass with Tommy and Brandon, of Evergreen Market. They told us what it’s like to work in weed with family that feels more like a friend.


Thanks so much for speaking with us for Dutchy’s blog! Can you tell me what you each do for Evergreen Market?

Tommy: I’m an Assistant Manager for Evergreen Market. I’ve been there since May 2016 and have been a manager since July 2016. It’s amazing to think about. We help the floor run and we’re helping create something that’s unique in 502. I manage people and teach them about weed. I also help run everything from the back to front. I work hard and I love to work hard for this company because of what they offer.

Brandon: I’m Inventory Control for the Renton-IKEA location. I take all orders that come in throughout the week, put them into the Green Bits, change sale prices, organize the vault and make sure the freshest products are on the floor. I manage three or four people, but we’ve got a solid team and a great company.


How long have you been in the industry? How did you get in?

Brandon: I worked at a medical dispensary before I started at Evergreen Market. Tommy would want to go to Evergreen Market to get weed because it was different than what we sold. I didn’t want to go in there at first. Finally, he got me to go in and picked up an application for me. He kept telling me to apply. It took a few times. Eventually a manager talked to me and gave me an application. I finally filled it out and got hired.

Tommy: That’s when we got into the industry. Before that we really wanted to be in the industry because we lived in Colorado. Moving from Washington to Colorado, seeing what they had medically, and just how they ran things, seeing the different designs and places, it just — it was unique. That’s what made me get into the industry with Evergreen Market. When I walk through those doors, it reminds me of that feeling a pot shop should have. It should be something you’re welcomed into, not something that’s scary or backdoor. That’s what got me into it. Just walking in and seeing that. 


When did you guys realize you both smoked weed? Any funny stories about your fist time smoking together? 


Tommy: My first time smoking weed was the day before our first time smoking together. I went to the Seahawks game with friends and we won. We walked around Seattle to the bus stop. My friend rolled a blunt. I watched him roll it in his hand and we smoked together. From there I thought, “Oh this is kind of cool. I like it.” Well the next day tag-along (looks at Brandon and laughs) came with me. Of course, he’s a little brother, he’s always going to be with me. We ended up going to our friend’s house and played video games. He watched me take a bong toke and, well, here he is.


What’s it like working with your brother, especially for a weed shop?

Brandon: It’s really cool. I haven’t worked many other places because I used to be a caregiver for my mom. That took a lot of my time. It’s great to be able to still spend time together and watch each other grow. The biggest thing is how much I’ve seen him grow in the year and a half we’ve been at Evergreen Market. Compared to the stuff we went through as kids, I think that’s the biggest thing — how much Tommy has grown.


What does your family think about your careers in cannabis? You mentioned being a caretaker for your mom…

Tommy: I think it was almost the other way around. She liked to get high, but it was the other medical benefits we wanted her to get from it. From there, it’s been trying to get our family to understand. My mom’s family is somewhat acceptant of it, but some of the family… I don’t think they understand. If they did, it would be different. With my dad’s family, I took the approach of, before even accepting the job, sitting down with them and sharing what I envision with this company. Now they come at us. Every time we go to family events they ask what’s new. They find things to talk about. My uncle recently shared a cannabis study from Stanford. That’s the cool part. We’ve got both and that’s what makes me appreciate my family. Some are strong in their morals, but I also have family that’s strong in their morals and opening up. I know other family members will open up when they see more of the medical benefits. That’s the type of family they are. They want to see these things. We’re lucky with this.

Brandon: I was super nervous to tell my dad when I first worked at the medical place. I had to work Christmas Eve and was supposed to spend the night at his house. I got there late that night and my dad said, “oh they’ve really got you working.” I said, “Honestly, I work at a weed shop.” He replied, “Oh, why didn’t you say something?” Same with my grandparents. Now, if we post anything with weed, my grandma’s the first one to like it. It’s awesome, they look for things to talk with us about.


What Dutchy strains are your favorite? Why?

Brandon: I like the Chernobyl, I think that’s my favorite so far. It’s gotten me to open up and talk more. I’m really quiet and reserved. Tommy’s always been the one who talks more. When I find a sativa that helps me open up, that’s a good one and I like it. I’ve been trying to smoke more sativas.

Tommy: I’d have to say the same, but I also like the Super Lemon Haze. The way it smells, the way it breaks down, it’s really creative. It’s productive in a great way. Flower needs to have that feel, taste, high, and with Super Lemon Haze it’s all there. I also like the Snoop’s Dream we just smoked. It’s a good high, really happy.

Brandon: The other one I like is Middle Fork. It’s really nice, especially the flush. I don’t like when weed doesn’t have a proper flush because then you’re smoking nutrients and the weed doesn’t taste good. I’ve had Middle Fork in different places, Colorado, Washington. You really figure out the smells and looks of strains. I like it.


What are some things you guys do during or after smoking?

Tommy: Bowling.

Brandon: Yep, bowling! We were big bowlers growing up, so we like to go bowling when we get high. Or play Madden, watch sports, play football. We went to the Seahawks game. Definitely got high for that one.

Tommy: Yeah, had to. Definitely bowling. Brandon would go out back in between sets and smoke. He’s the quiet one, but he’ll go and do that. I talk a lot, but I’m not going to do that.


What’s the highest you’ve bowled after smoking?

Brandon: A 300. It was a while ago…

Tommy: I did a 299 once.

Brandon: 289 is my second highest score.

Tommy: Brandon’s the better bowler. That’s why we get along. We played sports and we smoked weed. He was the DB, I was the lineman. I was a catcher, he was a pitcher. It’s like yin and yang. I think that’s the cool part about working with him. It chills us out. We also have different thoughts and cannabis helps with that balance.


How does cannabis help your brotherly bond?

Tommy: We get to just sit and talk. That’s what’s special about when we smoke, how much we smoke, why we smoke and when we smoke. Instead of fighting, we talk about things.

Brandon: Smoke, talk about it, cry.

Tommy: We’ve done it all.

Brandon: It’s an adventure with us. It’s helped us bond. I think it always will.

Tommy: It’s why we got into the business. We get to do that what we’re good at and I think that’s why we bond when we smoke. He likes indicas, I like sativas.


 Any final thoughts you want to share before we wrap?

Tommy: We really appreciate you inviting us to do this interview. We never could’ve imagined the opportunity, so thank you.