Welcome to Dutchy Cannabis

Get ready for good friends, good times and great bud with Dutchy cannabis.

This quality line of cannabis products includes whole flower, pre-rolls and oil cartridges. Snoop’s Dream, Bubblegum Kush and SPK are just a few delicious Dutchy flower strains. Prefer to puff concentrates? Our Purple OG is a heavy indica testing over 93% THC.

Dutchy cannabis pairs well with your favorite activities. Whether it’s poker night with the guys or a summer BBQ with friends, our line of products will add something extra to the memories you make.

Look for Dutchy in Washington recreational shops and coming soon to California medical dispensaries. For more information and to find Dutchy in your area, visit us on Leafly.

With Dutchy cannabis, you’re guaranteed to make every session friendly and fun. Just don’t forget to pass it to the left!