Pass the Dutchy Cartridge

Puff, puff, pass it to the left with Dutchy’s line of high-quality oil cartridges.

First, we source our flower from the finest material. Then we use low pressure CO2 extraction and low temperature distillation to process our oil. The end result is a cartridge free of hydrocarbons and full of flavor.

Dutchy cartridges are laden with terp-packed oil. They have a light citrus flavor from natural plant terpenes like pinene, limonene and myrcene. Best of all, our cartridges test around 80% THC and 1.5% THCA.

Take smooth, consistent hits with our 360° ceramic heating coil. The cartridge’s universal 510 thread works with almost any battery. For the best experience, we recommend pairing your Dutchy cartridge with a push button or c-cell type vape battery.

Dutchy cartridges are available in Washington recreational shops and coming soon to California medial dispensaries. Find the retailer nearest you by clicking here. Is Dutchy missing from your retailer’s shelves? Ask for us!

Elevate your good times. Make every session fun and friendly with Dutchy concentrates.