Good Friends. Best Buds.


Whole Flower

Dutchy sources flower that’s perfect for sharing; affordable enough to pass around without sacrificing quality. Our strains recall classic rock and the good old days. We don’t mess with good flower genetics.

1g | 3.5g | 7g



Dutchy pre-rolls feature the same great quality, good value, and timeless vibes as our flower. These two half gram joints are rolled to perfection, and best enjoyed in good company. Pass it to the left!

2 x 0.5g


Classic Vape

While we appreciate few things more than beautiful bud and a perfect roll, we value the convenience and subtlety
of a good vape pen. Meet our Dutchy Classic Vape, a great pen at a good price that brings the past to the present.

0.5g | 1g


Flavored Vape

Why so serious? Dutchy’s new flavored vape cartridges
and flavored disposable pens take quality cannabis to new
levels of shareable fun. Maybe you have some friends who are new to cannabis, or maybe you just want to show off at the weekend BBQ. A great mix of natural terpenes and a boost of flavor let you lighten up and explore new highs.